Jaws Title Sequence

Created by Mandie Stanton

Music from the Jaws Original Soundtrack 

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

Camera: GoPro8


The concept for this project was to remake a title sequence; in this case I chose one of my favorite films, Jaws (1975). My goal for this sequence was to invoke anxiety and suspense in the viewer, first establishing a dark, awry scene. As the score picks up, the cuts gradually get faster, bringing the viewer closer to the threat in the water. 


The sequence was first developed with live action footage from a GoPro, then edited and color corrected in Premiere Pro, and transferred into After Effects where the titles were added. The underwater titles were animated to appear like they were floating through the water towards the viewer, similarly to how a shark would. 


The underwater footage was achieved by building a scene in a fish tank, adding dirt, some red food coloring, and a black backdrop to replicate the vast ocean

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