A Savannah Minute

Created by Mandie Stanton

Music: Frenchy by Liberty

Narration by Krysta Coates

Software: Adobe Illustrator & After Effects

For this project, I wanted to create a fun infographic for tourists and visitors coming to Savannah. The video highlights a days worth of activities outside of the normal tourist attractions. Savannah is one of the fastest growing cities in America, with new restaurants and stores opening constantly, so some can easily get overlooked.

I loved building the vector assets for this project, and animating the transitions from one place to the next. The pop-up book style illustrations and animation compliment the magical atmosphere of Savannah and create a fun, child-like experience for the viewer.  

Enjoy these awesome Savannah spots!

Daffin Park (Home to the Savannah Bananas) 

Starland Yard 

Food Truck Park 

Alley Cat Lounge

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